JLG Extended Keyboard Layout for US Keyboard - version 1.1

Free software for individual use. For more details, see the licence agreement.
This software is free, and if you find it useful, you can encourage the author by making a donation.


1. Download the last version of the software at http://www.jlg-utilities.com/download.html

2. Run it. The installer just installs the keyboard and the documentation. You still need to specify to Windows that you want to use it (see step 3)

3. Configure windows in order to setup the US (JLGv11) keyboard layout. Of course, it is recommanded to use it as the default keyboard. To do this, you can follow the instruction below:
       - Open the control panel and double click on "Regional and Language Options".
       - Select the "Languages" tab.
       - Click on the "Details" button
       - Click on the "Add" button
       - Click on the "Keyboard Layout/IME" option box
       - Open the list and select "US (JLGv11). The keyboard is added.
       - Recommanded: If you want to make the JLG Extended Keyboard Layout the default keyboard, then in the "Default Input Langugage" section, open the list and choose the US (JLGv11) keyboard layout.
       - Click on the "Apply" button and then to the "OK" button.
       - That's it. If you decided to set the JLG Extended Keyboard Layout as the default keyboard, it is recommanded to log off, and log on again. (Reboot if you don't know).