JLG Extended Keyboard Layout for US Keyboard - version 1.1

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Keyboard design

The keyboard was designed in order to satisfy the following constraints and functionalities:

1. No headache for the user ! The keyboard tries to satisfy a minimum of rules in order to remember how to retrieve a character on the layout. (see Rules)

2. Fully compliant with the original layout (the US keyboard). Thus a user which doesn't know the computer is using by default the JLG Keyboard layout will still be able to use it without surprise (and without being aware of it).

3. The keyboard tries to get a maximum of unicode characters, even some that are not available to all the fonts. The counterpart of this is that some applications will not print the characters, depending on the Windows version, the installed fonts and the running applications. In particular, an application that use only ASCII but not UNICODE will not react necessarily as the user would expect.

4. We consider that the CTRL key is more ergonomic for the user than the ALTGR key (the ALT key at the right of the SPACE key) so we use it with the following punctuation characters:

` ~ ^ ' " ; : , < . > / ?.

The counterpart is that some applications still reserve and overwrite the CTRL + <ponctuation character>. When this situation is met, the user can still use the ALTGR key instead of the CTRL key to reach the wanted character.

5. The way a Windows keyboard works is by sending unicode characters to the windows operating system. The JLG Extended keyboard layout complies as well to this rule. The JLG keybaord layout is in fact generated with the official and free microsoft product Microsoft Keybaord Layout Creator.

6. If there can be many independant logics to make a character, then all the logics are implemented in order to let the user have its prefered logic to remember how to generate a special character.